The service

Breakfast served as very varied buffets

Dinner usually served as gourmet buffets, rich, varied, plentiful, specialties

French, Greek, Israeli, Tunisian and Moroccan specialties

Dessert buffets

On Shabbat, dinner is usually served at the table

Gastronomy Glatt Kosher (Rabbi Aharon Israel)

Strictly Glatt Kosher under the control of Rabbi Aharon Israel, Rabbinate of Thessaloniki

Full board stay on Shabbat and half board on weekdays

Composed salads, Dishes of the day

Grilled fish, sandwiches, vegetables, pasta, rice, french fries

Rich, abundant meals

Moroccan, Tunisian and Israeli specialties

Desserts, fruits and light and alcoholic drinks

The stay of babies and children is in full board to allow the parents to go to their leisures.

The stay is in ALL INCLUSIVE, it includes:

Breakfast and lunch buffet

Kiddush served on feast days and Shabbos

Dinner served at table or buffet

Drinks served at meals: wine, soda, still and sparkling water

Coffee break...

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